Atlas HO Bldg.

Save $ 3.61 Barb's Bungalow Kit 712

Barb's Bungalow Kit 712

Barb's Bungalow from Atlas Model Railroad Company's Lovely Ladies Home Series is a Build-It-Yourself Kit for your HO Scale Layout.FEATURES: Modeled after a popular catalog home of the 1920s, Barb's...

$ 29.39 $ 33.00
Save $ 1.21 Elevated Gate Tower Kit 701

Elevated Gate Tower Kit 701

This attractive and authentic structure is equally at home on a turn-of-the century pike or an up-to-the-minute railroad. Manned towers are still employed at many crossings where rail movements are...

$ 9.79 $ 11.00
Save $ 0.66 Mill Lumber 791

Mill Lumber 791

This is an HO Scale Mill Lumber Kit from Atlas.For use with kit #750FEATURES: Designed for use with HO or N gauge railroad layouts and diorama settings.Color: Tan.Construction: Plastic styrene.INCLUDES:...

$ 6.09 $ 6.75
Save $ 1.91 Passenger Station Kit 706

Passenger Station Kit 706

The Atlas Passenger Station is a composite design combining the more attractive features from several of the many styles of stations erected by the nation's railroads, in countless numbers throughout...

$ 16.09 $ 18.00
Save $ 1.11 Refreshment Stand Kit HO 715

Refreshment Stand Kit HO 715

FEATURES: Plastic styrene construction (yellow, green, dark-gray, white).Some parts are numbered (refer to instruction/diagram sheet).Stand fits directly onto a Dark-Gray base (which resembles wooden planks).The counterwalls are constructed of Green...

$ 9.89 $ 11.00
Save $ 2.05 Roadside Restaurant Kit 760

Roadside Restaurant Kit 760

The Roadside Restaurant is designed for use with your HO SCALE railroad layouts and resembles a Howard Johnson restaurant complete with Colonial charm.Ages 7 and over. May require adult supervision.INCLUDES: One...

$ 16.95 $ 19.00
Save $ 4.05 Roundhouse Kit 709

Roundhouse Kit 709

This is an Atlas Model #709 HO scale Roundhouse plastic model kit.Designed for use with the Atlas HO Manual Turntable and the Atlas Turntable Motor Drive Unit.For ages 8 and...

$ 40.95 $ 45.00
Save $ 1.51 Signal Tower Kit 704

Signal Tower Kit 704

The Atlas Signal Tower is sometime referred to as an interlocking tower. This tower resembles hundreds of signal towers having two features in common; the comparatively closed-up ground floor housing...

$ 13.49 $ 15.00
Save $ 0.86 Station Platform Kit 707

Station Platform Kit 707

The Atlas Model #707 Platform Shelter makes an excellent companion piece for the very popular Atlas Model #706 Passenger Station--ATLU0706. The contour and dimensions of its roof and platform match...

$ 7.89 $ 8.75
Save $ 0.71 Telephone Shanty Pole Kit 705

Telephone Shanty Pole Kit 705

Trackside telephones, spaced at fairly frequent intervals, are a vital necessity on most railroads. These phones are usually sheltered in shanties or in a box mounted on telegraph poles, and...

$ 6.79 $ 7.50
Save $ 1.21 Track Side Shanty Kit 702

Track Side Shanty Kit 702

WATER TOWER NOT INCLUDED. The Atlas "Trackside Shanty" is typical of the countless many unpretentious little shanties you might see at most railroad installations. It served as an office in...

$ 9.79 $ 11.00
Save $ 1.51 Water Tower Kit 703 AVAIV EARLY JAN 13

Water Tower Kit 703 AVAIV EARLY JAN 13

SHANTY NOT INCLUDED. The Atlas Water Tank is patterned after a tank that served Pennsy engines at North Madison, Indiana, however it will look at home on your pike no...

$ 13.49 $ 15.00