LNL Accessories


#65 Yard Lights (3) O 6-12927

FEATURES: FEATURES: Illumination from two elevated bulbs Set of three SPECS: 6 1/4" height

$ 26.99

1531R Controller O 6-14111 DUE EARLY SEPT

Lionel’s newest offering in the world of layout accessory control is the 153IR Controller™. Using infrared, the 153IR sends a signal across your tracks. When the signal is reflected, the...

$ 45.99

Barrel Packs O 6-12745

FEATURES:Brown barrels, great for adding to any layout.

$ 6.99

Coal Bag O 6-12732

FEATURES:Cheesecloth Lionel bag with logo and coal in orange.Safe, simulated black coal.Use coal for loads for hoppers, gondolas and coal dump cars. INCLUDES: One bag of O gauge coal

$ 6.99

Die-Cast Bumpers 6-62283

FEATURES: Two rugged and realistic bumpers to stop cars at the end of sidings.Heavy die-cast metal with sprung absorbers and illuminated caps.Bumpers come ready to use and screw easily onto...

$ 26.99

Elevated Trestle 6-12755

Use the Elevated Trestle Set to create realistic raised-grade sections with a set of 10 trestles. FEATURES: Create realistic raised-grade sections•For use with traditional O and O-27 gauge track•Set of...

$ 26.99

Highway Barrels Orange w/Stripe (6) O

FEATURES:Six construction barrels for use on O27 scale model railroads or diormas; ideal for highway or road accessories.Barrels are orange and silver stripes, with a black painted line around the...

$ 9.99

Insulator Pins (12) 027 6-65041

FEATURES: For Lionel O27 gauge track.Black plastic construction.INCLUDES: Twelve O27 Gauge Fibre Insulator Pins.REQUIRES: O27 Gauge TrackSPECS:    Length: 3/4" (1.9cm)

$ 2.99

Lighted Covered Bridge 6-24117

A common sight on rural mainlines, covered bridges often took their share of wear and tear from the elements. Approximately two feet in length, the all-new Lionel Covered Bridge is...

$ 79.99

Lighted Lock On O 6-14112

FEATURES: Black plastic construction with large Green light.Run track power throught the Lighted Lockon.Clip the Lockon to the track and the green light lets you know when you have track...

$ 9.99

Lionel Illuminated Red Covered Bridge (Long) 6-83305

Lionel  Illuminated Red Covered Bridge (Long)

$ 79.99

Lionel Christmas Covered Bridge (Short) 6-83291

Limited supply Call or Email for availability.

$ 69.99

Lionelville Street Lamps 6-24156

FEATURES: Metal posts.Removable base.Set of four.INCLUDES: 4 O scaleLionelville street lightsSPECS:Gauge: OApprox. Height: 3-1/2" (88.9mm)

$ 29.99

Log Pack 6-82088

Includes four wood logsSPECS: Gauge: Traditional O Gauge Dimensions: 1/2 Diameter each x 5" L

$ 9.99

Maintenance Kit 6-62927

FEATURES: Use this kit to lubricate the axle bushings of your model train and clean the tracks they run on.Increases usage time and performance by reducing friction and making better...

$ 24.99

Railroad Signs 62180

FEATURES:Self-standing signsSet of 14 assorted railroad signs:R.R. Property Keep OutDanger Do Not TrespassReduce SpeedYard LimitStop signRailroad Crossing signW signINCLUDES: 14 assorted railroad signsSPECS:Gauge: OAvg. Height: 1-5/8"" (41mm)

$ 9.99

Smoke Fluid 6-37841

FEATURES: For use in all locomotive requiring liquid smoke, including Lionel O/O27 and large scale locomotives.Smoke Fluid provides the effect of smoke emitting from the locomotive.Only 4-8 drops required per use....

$ 6.99

Steel Pins (12) 027 6-65042

FEATURES: For Lionel O27 gauge track.Polished steel construction.INCLUDES: Twelve O27 Gauge Steel Insulator Pins.REQUIRES: O27 Gauge TrackSPECS:    Length: 1" (2.5cm)

$ 2.99

Steel Pins (12) O 6-65551

FEATURES: Solid steel.Each end has a rounded point.Depressed knotch at each end.Works with Lionel's O gauge track.INCLUDES: Twelve Steel Pins for O Gauge TrackSPECS:    Gauge:  OApprox. Length: 1-1/8" (29mm)

$ 2.99

Telephone Poles 62181

FEATURES:Add realistic details to your layout with these plastic telephone polesIncludes a set of 10Traditional O gaugeSPECS:Gauge: OHeight: 7in (177.8mm)O

$ 9.99

Working Dwarf Signal O 6-12883

FEATURES: Lights change from green to red when trains move through its block Automatically resets to green when train clears its block 153C Contactor included SPECS:  1 3/4" x 1...

$ 26.99