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Save $ 2.11 12 Volt Charger U/L Listed

12 Volt Charger U/L Listed

The Hobbico 12V Charger plugs into a 110V AC wall outlet and charges 12V Lead-Acid Sealed or Gel-Cell Batteries Overnight.INCLUDES: One 12V Charger w/attached 6' Cord and Alligator Clips.SPECS: This...

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Save $ 0.81 Battery Connectors Unwired (2)

Battery Connectors Unwired (2)

FEATURES: Tamiya Style PlugsOne Male Plastic ConnectorOne Female Plastic ConnectorTwo Sets of Metal Pins90-Day WarrantyREQUIRES: Soldering wires to the metal pins then inserting pins into plastic connectors

$ 1.69 $ 2.50