Traxxas Fuel


Fuel Filler Bottle 500cc 5001

This is the Traxxas Top Fueler 500cc Glow Fuel Bottle.Can be used with any glow fuel.FEATURES: Clear plastic 500cc capacity bottleBlue anodized aluminum spoutINCLUDES: One Fuel BottleOne fuel bottle spout...

$ 8.00
Save $ 2.01 Top Fuel 20% Quart 5020

Top Fuel 20% Quart 5020

Top Fuel 20% QuartINCLUDES: One Quart (946 ml) of 20% Nitro-Methane Top Fuel, and its Concentration of Lubricants are a Castor/Synthetic Oil Mixture.(No percentage of lubrication is specified)

$ 12.99 $ 15.00