Xacto Knife and Tools Sets

Save $ 4.21 Basic Knife Set X5082

Basic Knife Set X5082

FEATURES: For lightweight precision cutting.Great for wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, and foam board.Includes:#1 knife with #11 blade.#2 knife with #2 blade.#5 knife with #19 blade.Two #11 blades.One each of...

$ 23.79 $ 28.00
Save $ 6.24 Deluxe Woodcraving Set X5175

Deluxe Woodcraving Set X5175

FEATURES: High quality tools for the discriminating woodworker.Ideal for three-dimensional carving, deep relief carving, whittling, shaping, leveling, etc.Includes:#5 Heavy Duty Plastic Handle Knife.#24 Deburring Blade.#18 Heavyweight Wood Chiseling Blade.#19 Angled...

$ 35.95 $ 42.19
Save $ 2.16 Double Knife Set X5262

Double Knife Set X5262

FEATURES: X-Acto blades are extremely sharp!Type A and B, all aluminum handles designed for in-the-hand comfort.Textured handles provides for a firm grip, balanced for control in use.The #11 Classic Fine...

$ 13.09 $ 15.25
Save $ 1.71 Small Mitre Box X75330

Small Mitre Box X75330

FEATURES: For precision cutting of model lparts, railroad track, moldings and trim.Slotted sides guide saw for accurate mitres.Formed grooved base holds materials in place in widths of 3/16", 5/32", 1-1/4",...

$ 11.29 $ 13.00
Save $ 6.46 Standard Knife Set Boxed X5083

Standard Knife Set Boxed X5083

The X-ACTO standard knife set is a great gift idea that features all of the precision tools that are needed for even the biggest woodworking projects. This handsome set includes...

$ 34.59 $ 41.05
Save $ 1.60 Woodcraving Knife X3261

Woodcraving Knife X3261

FEATURES: X-Acto blades are extremely sharp!5" positive grip, heavy-duty black plastic handle for deep carving and whittling.This handle fits a large assortment of blades, gouges and routers (listed on packaged).Grooved...

$ 9.49 $ 11.09