Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Bill and Walt''s Hobby Shop is very concerned about the protection of on-line privacy for all our visitors. We appreciate your trust and recognize that we must protect your information and respect your privacy.
We do not sell, rent, share, or transfer your personal information to third parties. The information you give us is confidential, and will not be sold or given to any individual or company or organization. Other companies say the above, but also say "occasionally share our customer mailing list with trusted and approved high-quality companies". We won't at any price, we don't like unsolicited mail ourselves. This is our simple promise to you.

Information That We Collect:
In order to purchase on-line, we ask you for your e-mail address (account name), a password, and your outbound e-mail permissions, in addition to your physical location address and payment information. We do not collect information passively with respect to unregistered users.

Use of Collected Information:
We use the purchase registration process to record only that information which is necessary for the fulfillment of orders submitted by the users - this includes physical address and phone number.

Protection of Collected Information:
We protect your information by:
Setting up a unique User ID and password for each account.
Utilizing Secured Servers and encrypting all private information, the padlock at the bottom of your browser lets you know when your at a secure page.
Plus we delete your credit card number once the order is shipped. We do not store your credit card information on our servers.