36' Wide Vision Caboose UP 17701

36' Wide Vision Caboose UP 17701

Brand: Bill and Walt's

FEATURES: Fully assembled rolling stock.Blackened, machined-metal wheels with RP25 contours.Body mounted couplers.Non-magnetic, blackened-brass axles with needlepoint bearings.Celcon Barber Caboose trucks.Detailed underframe.Featured roadnameDesignated road numberFree rolling wheels.Added weight for optimum tracking.Le ...Read more

  • $ 19.50
  • $ 26.00
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FEATURES: Fully assembled rolling stock.
Blackened, machined-metal wheels with RP25 contours.
Body mounted couplers.
Non-magnetic, blackened-brass axles with needlepoint bearings.
Celcon Barber Caboose trucks.
Detailed underframe.
Featured roadname
Designated road number
Free rolling wheels.
Added weight for optimum tracking.
Length: 4-3/4" (12cm)

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